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Hall of Justice Renovation

The Hall of Justice was originally built in 1925, and closed because of seismic damage from the 1994 Northridge earthquake. Historical renovations will include extensive cleaning of the exterior granite and restoration of the marble-clad grand lobby and loggia. The original elevator cabs will be refurbished and installed into the new elevators. In addition, the historic staircases along with one of the courtrooms and law libraries will be preserved and restored to their former condition. The jail cells, which used to reside on the upper floors, have been removed in order to accommodate a functioning office space. The project goal is to restore the Hall of Justice as a landmark for the downtown Los Angeles Civic Center.

The 335,000 SF project will feature 308,000 SF of office space equipped with entirely new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems that tie back into the existing central plant.

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